Thursday, August 27, 2015

these are a few of my favorite things // 3

this child is absolutely one of my favorites!! ;)

1. feeling complete peace
2. bright red heels (somehow wearing red shoes makes everything 50% more exciting)
3. adorable little brothers
4. tart lemonade
5. amazing devo's in the morning
6. blackberry pie
7. baby goats that eat pears out of your hands and then lick the juice off your fingers
8. getting to spend time with both my big brothers at once
9. it's almost September, which means sweaters, hot drinks and beautiful leaves!
10. Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)
11. cleaning all the junk off my desk so that I can actually use it again.
12. psalms 34
13. conquering fears!
14. watermelon and cantaloupe from my Grandpa's garden
15. quiet
16. fresh canned peaches lined up on the shelf.
17. long conversations
18. books that make you really think
19. christmas is in exactly 121 days, but we can "officially" start listening to Christmas music in only 66 days.
20. feeling comfortable around people
21. smiles and giggles from Lydia
22. vanilla ice cream
23. lighting candles (totally improves my mood!)
24.  Earl Grey Tea
25. burts bees lip balm
26. audrey hepburn (she's just so adorable!)
27. psalms 94:19
28. phantom of the opera (I just read the book, and it was wonderful!)
29. reading late into the night
30. looking forward to seeing good friends this weekend! (and climbing Mt. St. Helens on Tuesday!!)

source This drawing has been really striking my fancy lately. I think it's all kinds of adorable!!

What have been some of your favorite things lately.


  1. How sweet! I loved reading your list :)

  2. Have you ever had an Earl Grey Tea Latte (also sometimes called a London Fog Tea Latte)? They are DELICIOUS!
    Love reading your blog!
    Mrs. C~

    1. I actually make London Fog's all the time!! So yummy!!! :)
      It was fun to get your comment!


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