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Ten Places Abroad I Would Love To Visit // A List

The United Kingdom is known as the top destination for students to study abroad. Almost 12% of students study in The UK. This photo is of London, England, perhaps one of the most popular choices for students who wish to learn in English and learn about the historic city. (Caption by Lizzy Wagner)

1. London, England, and all the surrounding countryside. Seriously, with all the British Lit that I have read, and BBC movies I’ve watched, England has become a fascinating country, and I would love to take tours all over the lovely island. I would visit castles and gardens, and famous reformation landmarks, churches and cathedrals, coffee shops- lots of coffee shops, and tons of tiny cozy restaurants.  I would go hiking and backpacking, and probably accidentally drive on the wrong side of the road. I would listen to the people around me talk and become more than slightly desirous of their accents, and probably accidently mimic them. I would peep at the Queen’s castle, and take pictures of Big Ben, and really I'd take tons and tons of pictures. 

Manarola, Italy - It's in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. A unique place called 'Cinque Terre ' (which means Five Towns literally and this is one of the town, they are right next to each other). If you go to Tuscany, you can make a day trip there.

2. Italy Can I be 100% honest about this one? I think I would go to Italy for no other reason than to eat… Although, I had a lengthy conversation about traveling with my oldest brother a few years ago, and he insisted that I cannot travel to another country (Much less Italy!!) just to eat, and if I visit Italy I must do sightseeing and visit all the lovely touristy things as well. So I would duly visit the famous places, and I would love to travel the countryside as well, and maybe a vineyard or two. But I would be doing a lot of eating whilst “sightseeing.” :) Also, Gelato… I would eat lots of gelato ice cream.

3. India I have wanted to visit India for several years now. Ever since I first read a book or perhaps it was a documentary, about girls in the sex trade. I would love to go on a short-term mission to somehow either work with some of those girls, or orphans. I also have always wanted to touch and ride an Elephant, so India seems like they might have elephants, (maybe they don’t and I totally just embarrassed myself! :) But that would be pretty cool too. (ACTUALLY IT WOULD MORE THAN COOL IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!! :)

The Old City, the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock...I  must go to Jerusalem.

4. Israel It would be fascinating and special to visit the Holy Land, and to see the places that Jesus lived, and walked, and taught. I've read about, and seen pictures of the great diversity of people and civilizations that are packed into the cities, and  I would love the opportunity to people watch and observe. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies. ;) I would want to swim in the dead sea, and ride a camel and try Israeli food. I would want to visit the wailing wall, (I just typed whaling wall…) and visit many, many other historical and biblical sights.

5. Paris, France Ever since watching Funny Face, with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, I have wanted to visit Paris. I would climb the Eiffel tower, (not ride the elevator, I think. It would be much more impressive to climb.), and walk along the banks of the Seine. I would listen to the people speaking French all around me and wish that I had learned to speak it. I would eat snails, once, because why not, I'd be in Paris... I have to eat them, and then I would eat a lot of other delightful dishes. 

The Hexagons - Giant's Causeway, 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Located in Northern Ireland, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

6. Ireland oh, the Irish landscape. I want to walk along the cliff lines on the ocean and revel in the glorious views. I would hop from bed and breakfast to bed and breakfast and hike until I dropped. (not quite literally.) I would take pictures of sheep and look at the sea again. I think the sea is one thing I will never get tired of looking at.

7. Germany I don’t know off the top of my head what places I would visit, or what I would do, but I know there is so much history wrapped up in the cities and it would be amazing! It would be heavenly to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic. 

8. Scotland - I feel like this one should be higher on the list. I would want to go everywhere and see everything and listen to accents and witness the highland games and just everything. :)

9.  Hawaii Technically not abroad, but it is over-a-sea. ;) I think diving in a warm ocean would be amazing and more than weird. But to see the colors and fishes and everything under the water would be stunning.

devil's punchbowl falls in arthur's pass national park, new zealand

10. New Zealand um, I would totally travel here because of the accents, the accents and the accents. Also because of their gorgeous accents. Just sayin'. There's also the stunning landscapes and hikes. But mostly accents. ;)

That's it! I just want to travel everywhere and see everything!! :) What are some spots you've always dreamed of seeing? 


  1. I love this :) Might I borrow it for a post idea sometime? I've been shameful about blogging lately and need all the help I can get :-P

    For me, 10 places I want to go are--
    1) San Francisco - See the Golden Gate Bridge especially :D
    2) Rhode Island - To hike across it like we planned with the Reese girls. Do you remember?
    3) Seattle - Sounds silly but I've never actually walked around in the city and I want to eat at the Space Needle.
    4) Leavenworth - I think I'm keeping fairly local, lolz. . . .
    5) Israel
    6) UK - Especially because I recently found out about something called the "Strive Challenge" in Scotland! IDK if they hold it every year but it's a three-day long hike and I've seen footage of this year's . . . it was BEAUTIFUL!
    7) Italy - To eat all the food :D
    8) Norway - Because of the scenery and my heritage
    9) Germany
    10) France - I'll climb the Eiffel Tower with you :)

    Dance A Real
    walking in the air.

  2. Yes, absolutely do it. :) I hear you, I've been struggling with blogging lately too.

    1. I HAVE to tell you this-- and you don't have to believe me or anything... but the Golden Gate Bridge isn't all that it's made out to be... most of the time you can't even see all of it because of fog... and it's just a bridge, that's not even golden. :) But it would be cool to walk across. :)
    2. I totally remember that and it's been on my bucket list to do it with you ever since!! :)
    3. I would love to do that too (and explore Pike's Place market!!)
    4. We should go to Leavenworth to see the Christmas lights this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. YES!
    6. I'll have to look into that. It sounds amazing!
    7. Food is so amazing.
    8. Is Norway your dad's family or your moms?
    9. mhmm. :)
    10. YAY!! Because misery loves company and I'm pretty sure I'd get winded about half way up. :)

    1. 1. Haha, okay :) I'll take your word for it.
      3. Pike's Place Market would be awesome! I forgot about that!
      4. That. Would. Be. Awesome.
      8. Norway is Mom's side; I'm 1/4 Norwegian. Her dad was full-blooded :)

      Dance A Real
      walking in the air.


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