Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Summer??

Hey gals,

Well, this month is gonna be pretty busy, 'cause Thomas is leaving next month and we are trying to pack everything into this month.

So.... let see. Last weekend we went up to Oylimpia to visit my Aunt and Uncle and a cousins and second cousins and maybe third cousins for all I know!!!! :) (The whole cousin thing just confuses me, is it a second cousin, or a first cousin once removed?!?!?)

This weekend we are heading to the beach for days, with that family I think I told you about that we went to visit and pulled the all nighter and all that... :) It should be really fun. They have  kids and we have 10, so there will be a whole ton of all kids to watch!! *smiles*

And then the next weekend, Thomas and Andrew are having a huge airsoft war, (with tons of guys. I am already feeling sorry for myself. I think I will have to have a couple of girls over to counter the overwhelming amount of guys!! :) )

And the next weekend (*laughs*) We are heading up to a fiddlein' camp for like 6 days, I think.

And sometime in August we are planning to go bungi jumping... :) SCARY!!!!!!!


  1. Hello Rebecca! Nice to see you.;) I am so happy to be a follower of your blog, want to follow mine?:)

  2. Wow, you really are having a busy summer! :D


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