Tuesday, November 29, 2011

short-term memory loss...


I'm Becca, and I suffer from short-term memory loss. It's gotta drive my friends crazy, I seriously can't remember anything. Except my name, luckily!!!! It's so bad, that my mom will tell me to do something, and by the time I finish telling her "yes ma'am" and head to do it, I've already forgotten. I was laughing at something today, and forgot what it was, and was still laughing, trying to remember what I was laughing at.

You remember Dorie, or whatever the little blue girl fish from Finding Nemo was named, (I've forgotten! :)) I'm a lot like her, in the memory department. I love that little fish. I can relate so well! lol

Yes, I watch animated movies. Just a couple of days ago, we were at a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, and it was one of the little girls' birthday, and at their house they get to pick out a movie to watch, so she picked Cinderella. Now, I bet if all the boys weren't there all us girls would have gone up to the bedroom and watched it with all the little kids, but we didn't. Instead, we watched the new "Winne the Pooh." (I know, not much better!! :) We were all laughing and laughing the entire movie. (And that's like 7-8 teens!!!!!) It was fun.

I love hanging out with teenagers who aren’t afraid of acting like little kids sometimes!

T'awna H. and I, when we went camping in July with them, went for a walk around the camp ground. We were looking for something and stumbled upon the playground. It was like 8:30, everyone was in their camp sites, and the playground was deserted. We looked at each other and ran off to the slides and swings.

Not us! ^

We found out which slide was the fastest, and which one had water on it. It was SO fun!! (Until a couple of little 5-6 year-olds came up and sat watching us in disbelief!! :)

Don't you want to be a little kid again sometimes?!?

Isn't it funny how post's evolve!!!!! :)

Have a beautiful Tuesday. The rest of my day is gonna be interesting. I've got a appointement with an eye doctor, gotta up my perscription and get a pair of new glasses!!!! (Yah, about the new glasses part!! :) ) and my mom has a prenatial (i have no clue if that is spelled right!)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving and... limbo?!?!?

Right after eating^
The dads were awesome. They washed ALL the dishes!! :)
This is Cienna, her birthday was on thanksgiving day!!!! :)
She's really cute...

And loves to be held and give hugs and kisses.

She turened five, and she's told everyone that when she grows up, she's gonna marry my brother Andrew!!!! :)

With all the pie around, we just stuck some candles in one of them!! :)

This is T'awna, playing limbo. :) Everybody's pictures were funny.

This is Mr. H. playing limbo. He's prettty good.

Mrs. H. :)

This ^ is Destiany. She's amazing at limbo.

Mrs. H playing limbo. Funny. :)


And David.

And I'd post more, but my computer is having "Issues" (lol, reminds me of Owl, H. gilrs!! :) and I can't seem to fix them at the moment.

So, adiu, adiu to you and you and you...

Good-by, good-by, GOOD-By!!!!!!!!
(sound of music)
xo Becca xo

get ready to... dodge!!!!

Last Saturday there was a huge dodge ball tournament at our local high school. My family was so excited, and got some teams together to play. I decided that my camera was a wonderful excuse not to play, so I was documenting the tournament. It was really fun to watch, and the adults team my dad got together was awesome!! :)
L to R: Andrew, Mr. P., Mr. S., Mr. G, Dad, and Luke

I love this photo!! :) ^
And this one^

All the guys playing.

Look at the guy in the cameo pants, third from the left. That's Mr. S's. oldest son, Donald, we are really good friends with his family. I thought it was awesome that they played on separate teams. There were also only two teams, so they played against each other. :)


Duck!!!! LOL!! :)

<3 Love,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey everybody!!

A very happy thanksgiving to all y'all!!!! I hope your all have as much funs as I'm gonna!! :) We're leaving in a few minutes to go to some friends house, they'll have 11 kids there, and we'll have 9, and there is at least one other family that I know is gonna be there, with 3 kids... that makes a lot of kids!!! (It's totally awesome, 'cause both our older brothers are at Army Infantry School right now!! :) Unfortunately not in the same platoon...)


Monday, November 21, 2011

I love... 3

I love...

Him!! ^ (He’s my oldest brother, Thomas. We just found out that he has orders to deploy to Korea when he is finished with his training. He’s not too happy, he wanted to go with the 82nd Airborne, but we will have to see what God has in store for him.)

I love...

Romantic Proposals!!!!

I love...


I love…


What do you love?

Have a 'lovely' day!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

little invention i love

do you know how wonderful this little invention is?!? ^


We had our first snow yesterday. I love the winter, I know, I've been going on and on about fall, and I do love it (!!!!!!!) but I really love snow! :) Yah, I get tired of it by the second week, everything looks so, white, but it is so much fun to walk, ski and play in! I also am quite a "inside" gal, I love to look at the outside, from the window on the inside, and love peppermint tea on a cold snowy day.

All the snow melted this morning, and I was kinda relieved, 'cause if it snows over Thanksgiving, that kinda ruins all our plans.

Guess what it's doing right now!! We have about an inch on snow. :) It'll probably melt off tomorrow, but it sure is fun to watch!! :)

Love a chilly,


I thought this was so pretty. ^ I love sketches!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I got to talk to my brother!!!

I got to talk to my brother, Thomas, for an hour last Friday night, during his 54 hour pass.

He had me laughing the entire time, at his little complaints, and funny things that have happened.

The funniest was the chairs. He told me that he hasn’t sat on a chair for 2 months. Well, ok, 6 minuets every day, for a meal, but that’s hard folding chairs, and they don’t count.

He said it was SOOO exciting to sit on a chair during leave!

And that he was going to fill his house with chairs someday!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love... #2

I love...

I love...


I love...

 wedding dresses...

Especially this one!! ^

and this one :) ^
I love...

this guy’s sleeves... they crack me up. I like the flowers, he looks like he's about to go call on some medieval princess...

I love...

 bouquets, and can't wait to get bouquets of flowers from my Knight, someday.

I love...


I love...

 to dance!!

And I like this dress!! :) ^

I love...


no, I'm not a huge fan of little dogs, but I thought this one was really cute.
Ok, well I've gotta go, thanks for putting up with my randomness!!!!!! And none of these pictures are mine. :)

<3 Becca <3