favorite reads

Lipstick and Gelato {Rachel Heffington}
~ Rachel's blog is a delightful collection of  whimsy, food, art and her lovely stamp on fashion. 
 Hallie Jo Photography {Hallie Joanna}
 Hallie's photography style is one of my very favorites. Her photos are always lovely, her editing amazing, and her words are often convicting and inspiring. I am always encouraged and left thinking after reading one of Hallie's posts.
The Skies I'm Under {Rachel J.}
 I love her blog so much. Rachel's evident joy in her role as a wife and mama is so apparent, and her baby is absolutely adorable!
 Dance A Real {Hannah Barta}
 Hannah is so inspiring, in her walk with Jesus, and her personal drive when it comes to college and fitness and healthy food. She's hilarious, witty, super incredibly smart and pretty awesome. (She also happens to be my best friend. ;)


  1. You are too sweet. Praise the LORD that my blog has been an encouragement to you.

    Thank you for having 'God's Daughter' on this list of lovelies!

  2. oh my goodness, you are SO sweet for this. not even kidding, it totally made my day. <3<3

  3. You are way too nice :) Thank you for being an incredible friend!


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