Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nun Queen// excerpts


"Captain Holdings has been a perfect gentleman, and I have not lacked for the slightest comfort he could provide me with while under his protection. He followed your orders, My Lord, and did nothing wrong. I am not at all angry with him. Please forgive him, Sir." The exertion of speaking overcame me, and I nearly fell in a dead faint at his feet, which would have been quite unromantic and rather embarrassing. He noticed that I was about to fall, and is attention was transferred from the poor Captain to getting me into his mother's care immediately.

"So, I am to slink away into hiding as though I am a criminal?" Even I was surprised at how angry and hard my voice sounded. 
         "I am not a criminal, My Lords. Perhaps you have forgotten that I am Queen Arianna Defoe, and this man is attempting to overthrow the throne and kingdom that is duly and lawfully mine. It does not befit a Queen to go into hiding, My Lords, I cannot and I will not!"

(These are excerpts from my current book. And they also happen to be the first bit I have ever let anyone read. :) It is quite scary, but a little exciting too. The current name, "Nun Queen," is only temporary, until I can find something descriptive that fits Arianna and her story well. And no, I wasn't apart of NANO. :) )

Also, I am traveling down to CA next week for my brother's wedding, so I shall be offline. :) I have scheduled two posts, though. For some reason this week inspiration has hit me between the eyes, and I have been writing blog posts and book reviews like a madwoman, and leaving most of them in drafts, for a later date when I run out of inspiration again. :) It would't do to overwhelm you with twenty blog-posts in a week, would it?
        comments, advice, and thoughts on these little bits of my story would be greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. Oooh, it sounds very interesting! I want to read more! And the illustrating pictures are lovely additions, too :)

    Didn't you say that you were considering "I Am Queen" instead of "Nun Queen"? I think that would be perfect!


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