Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simple Delight's Birthday Party | a tag

When is your birthday?
( you don't have to include the actual year for security purposes if you choose)
December 4th

Favorite flavor of cake:
Chocolate of course, do you mean to tell me that there's another kind?! 

- Cake or cupcakes?
Hmmm, cupcakes are cute, but their small. :) I guess cake.

- Small, intimate gathering or big birthday bash?
A huge birthday bash would totally scare the living daylights out of me. To say the least. :)

- Birthday tradition you have:

- Sprinkles?

- Do you have a "birthday twin"
( someone who shares the same birthday)?

I honestly don't have any idea. :) I have a name twin, though. Does that count? :)
Do you like surprise parties?
I like planning them, and I like attending them, but I think I would be pretty upset if anybody tried to do that for me. :) I mean, you could still be in your pajamas when everybody arrived, and not have any make-up on, or you could be scrubbing the kitchen sink....

-Share a baby picture
( if you want)

Sorry, couldn't resist sharing two. I happen to think that I was a adorable baby. :) (Not to be vain or anything. lol)

Anyway, linking up to Simple Delight's  birthday tag. :) Do check her blog out, it's lovely, peeps.

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