Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wanderlust // to travel the world, that would be adventure

Dorset, England
I'm a country girl. Always have been, and always will be. But way down deep in my heart, I am filled to the core with wanderlust.
manhattan skyline
 I dream of traveling to the places I have only read about. I dream of seeing Paris, (and eating French food for the first time!), London and all the wonderful things to see there. I want to go to Italy, to see New York, and Arlington Cemetery.
Heart Sea Arch, Portugal
I long to travel, to see the world. I want to explore castles, and mountains, waterfalls, and little antique stores tucked away in a street in London. I want to swim in a warm ocean, to go diving with beautiful colorful fish, to skydive, and cliff jump (again.) I want to have adventures beyond imagination.

I want to ride an elephant, and see the Palace Guard change in front of Queen Elizabeth’s palace. I want to drink coffee at a coffee shop in some little town in France. I want to ride in a hot air balloon in Germany. 
    I want to see all the crazy, beautiful, lovely things there are too see in this world. I want to see the people. The culture. The history. The beauty.
Paris, France
     I want to travel the world, and then I will come back to my small little town here in Washington State, and know that I'm home, back in  where I belong...
"I'm a cheap date, take me muddin'!"
…because this is who I am. 
I am a county girl. 
I’m the girl who runs barefoot almost 12 months out of 12, and loves her country.  I'm the girl who loves to read her time away in the warm sunshine. I'm the girl who loves to ride a horse with her hair streaming behind her like a flag.

So even when I'm filled with wanderlust I always know that I will come back. I love this little corner of the world.



  1. I agree with Anne Shirley, "The best of it all was the coming home." But I want to see all these places too! Of all the ones you listed, Arlington Cemetery and riding an elephant were the only things I've accomplished. . . . That fifth picture is stunning and absolutely terrifying! I can't imagine living in that castle.....

  2. Wow, beautiful collection of pics ! If you ever need a place to stay in France, my house is only 40 minutes away from Paris by train ;-) I'd love to meet an american girl !
    Blessings !


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