Thursday, January 24, 2013

water droplets // the fog melted

The water drops on the fence were so pretty. I spent forever this morning photographing the fence. :) I love the sun flare in this one.^

 There is something amazing about seeing animal prints in the snow. It’s kinda cool to think that “they were here not too long ago.”

 The ice was melted off half this tree, but the other half was still ‘unmelted.’ It doesn't really show up well in the photo, but I thought it was interesting; and our entire forest was that way, half the tree was melted off, and the other half still covered.

        The sun was out this morning, melting the beautiful frozen fog that has covered our landscape and trees for the past week. I suppose that I might feel a little sad in a day or two, but today I am so happy. It was warm(ish) today, and the world was covered with millions of tiny water droplets. And it was beautiful.
        I wish that you could have heard the amazing sound of water dropping to the ground from tree branches, (it’s kind of like the sound of rain, but different too. It’s not the gentle sound of rain fall, but a loud , steady, dripping, like the dripping of a leaky faucet, and so refreshing.), and the sounds the birds were making, happy to have sunshine to play in. It’s perfectly lovely. The whole world seemed so glad to be emerging from its layer of ice, to feel the sunshine and see blue skies. It was 46 degrees, but belt more like 55. :) (on a side note, isn't it funny how we complain about how cold it is when it’s 46 degrees in June, but are thrilled that it warmed up to the same in January?)
Hello, squeaky clean world, I'm Becca, I’m sixteen and I’m thrilled to be alive.


  1. Did it really get up to 46 at your house? It was only 38 at ours (pouty face). :) These are really pretty!

  2. Oh my gosh you're reallyyyy good at taking pics ! I love your close-ups and the bokeh...It's so pretty in your area ! We haven't had much blue sky this week and I kinda miss it !
    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings from France

  3. stunning photos!

  4. Beautiful!! I love all the ones of the fence!!

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    Attempt great things for God~
    ~William Carey


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