Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmas be white.

It's snowing outside right now, and I am hoping that it will snow a few inches tonight. White Christmas's are just better. All the brown is covered over, and everything is made beautiful white again. I want to remind everyone to keep the families in Connecticut in their prayers, especially on Christmas day, because I have a feeling that will be the very hardest day they have experienced yet. Losing a loved one, especially tragically, around the holidays must be so hard, and my heart is breaking for those families.

Christmas is so beautiful. The colors, the spirit, celebrating Jesus' birth, the coldness in the airs that turns fingers into icicles and faces rosy pink. And did I mention the music? Yes, the wonderful music. I always get so excited for Christmas music that I start listening to it in October. I do know that it's bad to do that, and I do listen to it in my room so my family doesn't have to listen that early, but it's so beautiful. I love watching A Wonderful Year with my family, partly because it's a sweet story, and partly because I just love Jimmy Stewart. (He is so good!! And old black and whites are the best. Besides the Jane Austins and Charles Dickens, of course. :)

We went to the Grotto in Portland Friday night with my Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle. That was my second visit, and I fell in love with Christmas lights all over again. Christmas lights and the acoustics in Catholic churches. The acoustics were amazing!! (Google the grotto. :) I know my first reaction was, "we're going where?!" My brain processed ghetto. This is a little different. lol)

And the lights were amazing. I had so much fun walking around, changing my settings to whatever worked best with what I was shooting. I felt like a real photographer for the very first time ever!! :) To be sure, I've always looked the part (in fact, when you have a DSLR, everybody assumes that you know what you're doing. :) but for the first time I felt the part of a photographer.

...And the internet won't let me upload any more photos, so the rest will have to wait until another day. :)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, dears, and may all your Christmas' be white!



  1. Pretty lights! I'll have to Google the Grotto--my reaction was ghetto, too!

  2. Merry Christmas and I hope we get snow for Christmas! =)

  3. I got a white Christmas, Rebecca! How did you fare?


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