Friday, September 7, 2012

camp // laughter and volleyball

We attended our old church family camp this last weekend, and had a blast. :) Those people are so much fun to be with, and it was a very encouraging time. The weekend consisted of food, volleyball, late-night-hymn sings, coffee, sugar, more volleyball, laughter, banana grams, bump, and hoodies, and did I mention volleyball. My little siblings spent hours in the gym playing bump, and complained when we arrived home that their arms were sore!! We came away from camp with lots of lovely memories, and a few songs stuck in our heads... (when the dog died we had hot dogs, when the cat died, cat-nip tea... yah. sorry. :)

They had a apple bobbing contest, and somehow my Uncle, Walter ^, got roped into it. The guys got to do it after all the kids; the water was a little gross.
 12 and under three legged race. It was adorable to see Nate out there with his little girl.

The Father Son Three Legged Race. :) Uncle Walter decided to do it with my little cousin,
 Johnathan, (9 mo.)
 Isn't that just plain cute?!?

Egg toss. ^ Apparently some people cheated. There were several hard boiled ones. :)
I was trying to photograph the soccor game, but was having trouble because everybody kept moving. Emily was one of the only people standing still.

 Horseshoes. That was definantly a favorite game, and so far I have kept my status of never playing in my life. I'm afraid that I would hit somebody with the horseshoe. I'm a klutz, if it could be done, I'd do it.
^This little guy was so so so so so cute. Did I mention cute!?!?

Daniel got baptised Sunday; it was very exciting for him, and the water was...refreshing to say the least.

^ look at Pastor's face. He looks so smug!! lol

Have a lovely weekend, peeps.

Becca Anne


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