Thursday, August 9, 2012

Answers to the Fashon party questions -- :)

1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Brilliant, shortened to brill.

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? I've heard rumors of the movie To have and to Hold, coming out this fall, but haven't looked it up to make sure.It would be pretty awesome if it was coming out, though!!
3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? Hearts. I was challenged one time to find something, any object on earth, and make it my symbol to think, whenever I saw it, "Christ loves ME." It's been fun to find hearts in strange places sometimes!! :)
4. Two favorite songs at the moment? Love is not proud, by Brandon Heath, and Letters to Sarah, by Michael W. Smith.

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? Fight until I couldn't fight any longer for the people and land that I love!
6. What is your favorite summer activity? hmmm, vollyball with freinds, canoeing at the lake, reading, reading, and reading!! :)
7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? I really have no idea. We don't really take official vacations. It's usually a weekend here and there all over the year.
8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? Oh dear, maybe Khols, or Shabby Apple... Somewhere with lots of really cute dresses!!! :) :)

9. What is your favorite summertime food? White mocha fraps from starbucks. That is a food right?!?
10. What is your favorite summertime movie? This is a stretch of summer movie, but perhaps Curly Top, staring Shirly Temple. (The cutest actress EVER!!!!!)

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