Tuesday, April 3, 2012

smile :)


I think that spring must be tired of hiding, but apparently I'm wrong, 'cause it's still cold and overcast.
I had a flute lesson today, and finally got a new song!!!! *cheers wildly* It's called Scherzino, and it's so pretty and really fun. It'll be a challenge for sure. (I looked it up on youtube, and a bunch of little girls play it, so it can't be that hard! :)
*drum roll*

I cut my hair!!!
Only about 5 inches, but it's so much better. I like long hair and all, but when it's thick, slippery, and fluffy, well, it's difficult to deal with. I'll be much cooler this summer.

not me!!!

A friend came over last week to take photos of my brother and little cousin, while my aunt visited from the San Francisco area. You should go here to see her amazing photos!!! Those babies are the cutest! :)

And because I've been really lazy lately, and have taken harldy any photos, I'm gonna post a couple of really colorful ones that make me smile. :)


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