Thursday, March 1, 2012


Happy Thursday, and March 1st, people! It’s a typical blustery March day, windy, cold, and half overcast. (I know, how it can be half overcast?!? Well, the right half of the sky is clear and the left is cloudy. Unless you’re facing west, then the left side is clear and the right overcast. And then north and south… Never mind. ;)
I am so ready for summer, that today; I walked down the driveway to get the mail in bare feet. I’m weird about socks and shoes. I don’t wear them unless I’m going somewhere, working in the barn, or if the weather is that awful. (Like snow and ice, or hiking and things like that.)  I’ve even been known to go get the mail, when there’s 6 inches on snow on the ground, shoeless.  Yah, getting the mail is my job. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but I’ve been known to blow up at someone for getting it before I could get out there. So, I have no idea how this post strayed onto barefeet and getting the mail, but hey, It’s good to be random, at least part of the time. :)

Aren’t these awesome?  So colorful. I can’t seem to convince myself to wear things that are colorful like that, but I love them anyways.

We’re getting a package ready to send to Thomas. He asked me to send him this one, ^ and I read it really quick before we send it. I totally recommend it. (Crazy Love by Francis Chan.) I didn’t get quite as much out of it as I hoped, all because I was speed reading, but it was well worth the time spent reading.  

I haven’t read this one, (The Oath. Or any by Frank Peretti, except Tilly.)  But have heard that it’s good. I’ve been trying to find some books that a 20-year-old soldier dude (a.k.a. my bro) would like to read, because, honestly, I don’t think he would appreciate Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, George MacDonald, and Harold Bell Wright quite the way that I do!!! I’ve asked some guys that I know, and they suggested a series, but then one of the guys offered to gift them to Thomas as Ebooks, so even that didn’t work out for me. Any suggestions of books you know about?

Movies, guitar strings, and a bunch of fun colorful picks, makes the photo color packed.

Can you tell that I have no inspiration? I’m taking photos of green beans?!? It’s just so brown outside, and I haven’t been doing anything interesting at all, so…

Ohh, here’s a piece of news…Some of you might not be aware of the fact that my mom is expecting her 11 (twelfth really. I have a stillborn sister, who would about 7 now.) child. And it’s due in a couple of weeks. BUT, they have decided to induce her on Monday, (yes, this Monday) and I’m gonna get to observe the birth!!! I’m pretty pumped. I really want to go into nursing after I finish High school, and am using this as a “test”. I want to find out if I really can handle it. J  So, I think it will be good to test myself, and make sure it really is what I want. (Sorry about the underline, it won't go away... :(

Ok, I'm done rambling. :)

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  1. I love the flip-flops! Would totally wear them!

    How exciting about your Mom! :D


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