Thursday, March 15, 2012

cold+rain=tons of music and reading (heaven)

It's cold and wet again. I was getting pretty excited about the warm weather that was supposed to be here. Seriously, everyone on Blogger is posting about how warm it is for this early in the spring... It's raining and cold here, and I am spending absolutely no time out there until it warms up!! :) Although I don't think I'll start complaining yet. I am getting to spend tons of time practicing music, and reading my favorite books over and over. (Because I need to get to the Library and get new ones!!)

I love this dress. (Except the price!!!) It is totally pretty, and modest!!!  Source

Lately I’ve really wanted to write, anything (!) but can’t come up with a story. Do you ever feel like there are already so many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of books and stories, how can someone create a new one? Or at least, one that isn’t too ridiculous to be good. I love to read books by the masters, Dickens, George MacDonald,  and other amazing authors, Louisa May Alcott, and Harold Bell Wright, who have written some of the best books out there today, and I don’t feel like I can write anything of any worth, compared to their works of art.
     Have you ever held an old book in your hand, and by the time you finish it the first time, it is a best friend? Or returned to a book five, six, or even seven times, because it was that well written, and the story was that amazing, the characters that real? That’s the kind of story I want to create, but, needless to say, I find it hard to even come up with an idea much less write about it. I think I need to just start writing, and stick with it no matter how stupid it sounds, and practise and practise, until I am able to create like that--hey, that's a good idea... (IT's amazing when I come up with an idea, honest!!! Just ask A.G. Most of the time I forget even before I come up with it.

I’ve gotta run, hope ya’ll are having  a great spring, with plenty of warm weather, while I sit here in the cold—oh yah, I wasn’t gonna complain… J 


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  1. You definitely should write. You are quite good! I am planning on spending my spring break writing, because I am really beginning to miss my characters, especially Soryn.


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