Monday, February 27, 2012


I love landscaping. My older brothers did landscaping and lawn care for years, and I got into the habit of critiquing lawns as we drove through city's. my thoughts would run something like, "That house should cut the lawn shorter, and put a flowerbed along the fence, and that house should move that huge rock out of that flowerbed, it ruins it. That lawn is pretty, I'd add a fountain..."

So, as a result, I dream of what I would create a yard to look like, but know that, in reality, I'll never design a garden or lawn, like the ones below. Seriously, I don't even have enough patience to sew, let alone plant an entire landscape!!!! :) Dreaming doesn't hurt does it?

^ This design is completely perfect!!!! I can totally see myself sitting there reading a book, or writing… I love it!!

^This is so pretty as well.

I think that you all should know that all credit to this post goes to my amazing freind, AG!!! (and all credit for all other interesting posts following.) I called her yesterday, while cleaning my really messy bedroom, because I was bored, and just going through a bunch of junk, trying to get up my nerve to throw it all away. (That's a good way to have a conversation, girls. AG remarked at one point in the conversation that it sounded like I was just picking things up and talking about them. And the truth is, I WAS!!!! Your conversation will take many diffrent paths, and make no sense to anybody but you, but hey, it's funny!!!! {I guess it didn't help that we were both sick, and were trying to keep ourselves amused...}) So anyway, I started complaining to her, in true Becca fashion, about having nothing intreresting to blog about. And she started giving me all kinds of ideas. So we'll see if I can remember more of them, and what I come up with!!!! (We both have a little trouble with our memorys. Maybe that's why we get along so well--although she wasn't so bad before I started talking to her all the time, I think I rubbed it off on her...) And by the way, she did convince me to throw quite a bit of it away. It was almost TWO little garbagefulls, AG!!!! Arn't you proud of me?!?

Can you throw things away easily?


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