Saturday, February 4, 2012

in which i am very random

Hello there,
So, how was your week? Mine was nice, it wasn’t nearly as boring as my weeks usually are, as I got to visit some friends a couple of days, and both my music lessons were this week.
I also spent a lot of time on the phone (today especially!!) which is always tons of fun to catch up with friends, even if we “catch up” once or twice a week.

^ taken out of the window on the way to my mom’s Dr’s appointment this week.

^ The wind mills. I am getting used to the sight of these monsters on my beautiful hills. It has taken me a while, and at first I really hated them and was one of those passionate “not in my back yard” people. I can now see the twirling ballerina (it's really there, I promise, just stare at them. One is the body, and the other two are the leggs spread out in a jump.), and although I think they are far from beautiful, they are kinda fun to photograph, and they add a little spice to the countryside.

^ This is an amazingly awesome muffin I made recently. They were SO hard, and took me absolutely forever, but it was totally worth it. You take a cake mix, any kind, I used a devils food chocolate cake mix, and 15 oz. of canned pumpkin, mix ‘em together, and warm up the oven to 350° F, plop the batter in baking papers in the muffin pan, and bake for 10-15 minutes.  (Ok, so everything at the beginning of this paragraph was false. lol) They are totally delicious, with just a little hint of pumpkin, and when you sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top, they are adorable. J

^ I went with a walk with a good friend yesterday, and this is what I found. I love dead trees, and live trees, and well, just TREES. I think I can say with Anne in Anne’s  House of Dreams, “I can’t live without trees,” (roughly quoted. I know she said something like that, but I can’t remember how she said it. J)

^ I love this song. I love her voice. I go back and forth between hating and loving her. J Right now, I’m loving her.

^ And this one!!!!! This is absolutely beautiful. A friend had it playing in her car a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing.

I got to talk to Thomas for about a half an hour today, which was lovely. Some stupid guys were supposed to be back by 3am, and they didn't get back until later morning, so everyone is in trouble there, (even though Thomas and most of the others didn't do anything.) and have to form up in formation every hour, so that cut our talk short, and is hard for the guys, but it was still awesome to talk to him.

What was your highlight this week?



  1. Oh, Jackie Evancho!! I love her!! I only have 1 of her CDs, but I hope to get the others some time...

    I follow her on Twitter & Facebook too. She seems like a very sweet young lady.... :)

  2. Those pictures are very pretty!!

    :) :)


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