Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"wacky words and sayings, and what they mean" number one

This is a post I’ll be doing once or twice a week, consisting of weird and wacky words and sayings, and what they mean!

Our first word, is….

     A basic compound that acts similarly to curare and is intravenously chiefly in the form of a hydrated chloride C14H30Cl2N2o4-2H20  as a muscle relaxant in surgery.

 (Please don’t ask me to say this word. It’s beyond me!! And to explain the definition… We’ll just all pretend that we know exactly what this rod means. J)

     And our first maxim is…

Bubble and Squeak:

     A dish consisting of usually leftover potatoes, cabbage, and sometimes meat, fried together. J

So the next time you combine leftovers, potatoes and cabbage or meat, for instance, you know that you’re not really making fried potatoes and cabbage, but bubble and squeak. J

There’s your vocabulary lesson for this week!




  1. Hi Becca!
    We used to have Bubble and Squeak at our college cafeteria! I had never heard of it before that. Our school was famous for feeding its students on a BUDGET, so bubble and squeak came by fairly often. I tried not to be there when it did! ;)
    Mrs. Sharp


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