Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...korea, skype, and jealousy...

It’s so hard to realize that Thomas is in Korea. ^
My oldest brother, who’s always been there to talk to, (even when his friends are waiting for him, and I talk for over an hour!! J) and been one of my best friends (Andrew being the other. J), is in Korea?!?!?
I know I’ve said this a lot lately, but having your older brother’s move out is SOOO hard. Little brothers are awesome, but they’re too short to hide behind!!! J
Thomas flew out yesterday evening, (and I’m guessing that he has arrived! J) and we got to Skype him in the airport. That was a blast, (except the part where my video froze for a couple of minutes, and if froze just as I was taking a bite of my dinner, so I was leaning over my plate, with my hand up to my mouth. J And anybody in the airport could see me if they really wanted to.) I am a little jealous of the fact that he is in another country, and really close to a bunch of ofther really cool countrys, and gets weekend passes often, and gets to visit those really cool countrys!! lol
Why is it that embarrassing things ALWAYS happen to me?!?!?


(This has nothing to do with my post, and I do know that it is random. You know, I really do like being random, and unpredictable, it's really kinda fun!! :)


  1. I have a handful of older brothers and they are the best!! It is hard when they move out though.. :(

  2. Haha... cause your name is Rebecca! I always do tons of embarassing things too. :P Comes with the name. I'm sure of it! LOL


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