Thursday, January 26, 2012

do i really look old?!?!

Today, I went with my dad and two of my little siblings to run a bunch of errands in the closest *big* city near us. We ran to a couple different shoe stores looking for a shoe I can fit my special arch's in. [I have almost no arches in my feet, which makes my walking look really funny. My feet roll in and my toes point in towards each other. I've been fighting wearing them for months, 'cause they hurt, REALLY hurt to get used to, (they take like a month of working up from a half hour a day to 8 hours straight.) and it was warm weather when I got them, so I wanted to go barefoot. I have decided to force myself to start wearing them, though.]

We also went to the music store so I could buy a flute book.

At Kmart, our first stop, a lady, quite accidentally, ruined my day, big time!! My dad had found a big sale on toilet paper, and since we have 10 people in the house, he decided that he should buy a lot while it was on sale. We made it to the checkout, with like 4-5 huge things of t.p., and the manager that was standing watching the checkout girl commented that it was a lot for one family. [Keep in mind; it's my dad, my 13-year-old brother, and my 8-year-old sister, and I.] Dad told her that we had a big family. The lady then asked how many kids there were, and dad replied that "we're expecting number 11." The manager lady was shocked, and looking at me, said, "Shame on you for looking so fabulous." *Screams really loud while turning bright red again at remembering!*
My mother is in her forties, and I find that REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY embarrassing that someone thought that I had 10.5 kids!!! I didn't even have a ring on my ring finger, y'all.
I was pretty shocked when she said that, and started shaking with laughter and embarrassment. That's when the cashier told me my total, and I had to ask her to repeat it, as I wasn't comprehending anything at all. I managed to get out a rather interesting sounding, "Oh, I'm his daughter!" and the manager turned bright red with me. She started making excuses, her eyesight was horrible and she was almost blind, etc. All her co-workers were laughing pretty hard, I don't think that she'll ever live that down with all of them.

Do I look old?!?!?!

[Please note: My mother is absolutely gorgeous, so, these photos are not pointing to her age, or her looks, 'kay?!?! :)]

How old have people mistaken you for?


  1. Ok that was just down right funny!!!!! :) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha


  2. Haha, that was funny! ;) LOL :D

    But you don't look that old! I've gotten guessed 21 when I was 12, but not anymore. Now I am guessed my age or thereabouts usually.

  3. Oh my! She ought to have her eyes checked!

  4. Hehehehe!!! That is really funny, but I know how you feel. It happens to me all the time. One time when i was around 14 a police officer was giving my brother Dakota a helmet. He pulled the instructions out of them and handed them to me, saying, "Here, I will just hand these over to your mom."

  5. Well, today while picking Hallie up from the airport I was supposed to be Amy's mom--so you're not alone, although I can't all mine quite as bad as yours.........


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