Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear person reading this,
     I hope life has been lovely for you lately.
     Well, to get straight to the point, (without beating around the bush, which is a very funny saying...J) I’m getting a little bored with my own blog. I feel like my posts are getting boring, because nothing real new happens around here, and I’m not being very creative with photography. My life is pretty much the same from week to week, and there’s only so much new that I can post about.

     So, I’ve decided to make some changes in the way I blog, and what I blog about.
     Some of my biggest interests and “hobbies” are interior designing, photography, music and old books. So, I think I’m going to start blogging about those things, as well as life too.

     And I’m also trying to come up with an new name for this blog, as “Pianos, Photo’s and Books” is really, really boring.  (Any ideas anyone?!? J)
Anyway, thanks for putting up with me,(and my frequent blog design changing,) I really appreciate it!!




  1. Names... hmmm....

    "The Random Life of Becca Anne"
    "Just A Random Gal"
    "Becca's Musings"

    Well maybe that'll get ya started. :)

  2. Thanks Bekah,
    I have already come up with one, before I read yours, and love your idea's though!! :)


I read and appreciate every comment. :)