Tuesday, December 27, 2011

macro... :)

My grandfather loaned me a Macro lens for a while. He gave it to me on a “I’ll ask for it back sometime” basis, and so in the meantime, I get to do macro photography. I don’t have a clue how to use it, so I get to make all kinds of mistakes before I get it somewhat figured out, but I had fun taking it out in a little sprinkle of rain today. I LOVE WATER DROPS!!!!

And this year I tried to take some photos of bokah. They didn’t turn out at all, but I thought you might enjoy seeing my attempts!! J

And these are the girls I go to church with. :) (The baby's in there 'casue she needed babysitting!! :)

Tell me about your holiday season in a comment!!!! J

Becca Anne

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  1. You got some good ones! The macro on my camera isn't near this good, but it is decent enough to take some pretty close-ups. Well I guess you see a lot of those close-ups on my blogs. ;)


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