Sunday, December 11, 2011

frozen fog, and black 'n' white days

Yesterday (and today!) morning, I woke up to find my world white. But no, it wasn’t the exciting certain powdery white stuff I am anxiously awaiting, no, it was frozen fog, and there was plenty of regular unfrozen stuff too. It was one of those days which I call, black and white days. Their days that really have no color in them, and I always seem to dress in dark colors to match. Yesterday was no different and I was in Black and Navy. J

I did go out and take some photos, and some turned out pretty!! J

The frost was especially special, because it was kinda like God was telling me, “I will always give you something to smile about, something beautiful, even when you’re lonely and hurting.”  My brother Andrew moved out on Friday. There is a lot involved, but my parents asked him to leave. This is pretty hard for me, but I know God has a plan for everything, “good” or “bad” that happens in our lives.
Your prayers for my family would be WONDERFUL!!

On a happier note, only three days to go, and Thomas will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. These are awesome photos! I love the third one.

  2. Merry Christmas! :D

    Just so you know, you need to make my fashion blog button smaller... it's hiding the comment area on the one post... :P


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