Saturday, December 3, 2011


I know I talk about movies way to often. I really do know that, honest!! But I just have to tell you about my two favorite animated movies and if you haven’t seen them, I would suggest, as long as their ok with your family, that you do watch them!! J
P. S. They're in no praticular order!! :)

#1 How To Train Your Dragon
This is an amazing animated movie. It’s intense, amazing how intense it is, it has it’s funny parts, but mostly I was just to absolutely in love with Toothless and his beautiful eyes, and his dog like actions!! J

# 2 Tangled

Awww!!!!!!!!! that's all I can say!! :)


  1. Tangled is great! I actually loved it! Shocking, since I'm not a big anima fan!

  2. I haven't ever seen either! :) But I want to. They look cute. ;)

  3. I LOVE How to Train Your Dragon!!!! Even a little more than tangled I believe. Toothless reminds me of my cat, Faith, they have alot of the same movements and expressions!


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