Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving and... limbo?!?!?

Right after eating^
The dads were awesome. They washed ALL the dishes!! :)
This is Cienna, her birthday was on thanksgiving day!!!! :)
She's really cute...

And loves to be held and give hugs and kisses.

She turened five, and she's told everyone that when she grows up, she's gonna marry my brother Andrew!!!! :)

With all the pie around, we just stuck some candles in one of them!! :)

This is T'awna, playing limbo. :) Everybody's pictures were funny.

This is Mr. H. playing limbo. He's prettty good.

Mrs. H. :)

This ^ is Destiany. She's amazing at limbo.

Mrs. H playing limbo. Funny. :)


And David.

And I'd post more, but my computer is having "Issues" (lol, reminds me of Owl, H. gilrs!! :) and I can't seem to fix them at the moment.

So, adiu, adiu to you and you and you...

Good-by, good-by, GOOD-By!!!!!!!!
(sound of music)
xo Becca xo

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  1. Very amusing! Just so you know, there is a way to make blog buttons smaller... that way you could mine on the sidebar, instead of at the bottom. If you want me to attempt to explain, send me an email! :)


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