Saturday, November 26, 2011

get ready to... dodge!!!!

Last Saturday there was a huge dodge ball tournament at our local high school. My family was so excited, and got some teams together to play. I decided that my camera was a wonderful excuse not to play, so I was documenting the tournament. It was really fun to watch, and the adults team my dad got together was awesome!! :)
L to R: Andrew, Mr. P., Mr. S., Mr. G, Dad, and Luke

I love this photo!! :) ^
And this one^

All the guys playing.

Look at the guy in the cameo pants, third from the left. That's Mr. S's. oldest son, Donald, we are really good friends with his family. I thought it was awesome that they played on separate teams. There were also only two teams, so they played against each other. :)


Duck!!!! LOL!! :)

<3 Love,

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