Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sundays, swings....

Most sundays at my house are, well, kind of boring. After church we come home, and as we are only allowed to read christian books, no fiction novels or the like, and I've read all the Christian books, I never really know what to do with my self.

Today we had a little twist, there was a picnic after church, at a huge park. The boys played football, the kids played soccor, the moms and dads talked, the other girls played badmitton, and I took some pictures and wandered around from group to group. :)

A few minutes before we left, the boys Andrew and his freind Jarad. I had told Sarah, Jarad's younger sister, that I would let my brother push me on the swing if she let hers. I know it sounds kinda silly, but it had something to do with our conversation, and it was NOT just out of the blue. Anyway, she went and told her brother what I said, and the boys were totally for it. So. I ended up getting 'swung' by my older brother today, and I haven't been on a swing set for several years. Now, you have to understand something. I really am scared of heights. They apsolutly terrify me, so swinging was not really that awesome. But I had to, cause I said I would. I ended up making the most terribly holarious faces, screaming, and attempting to kick my brother while he was pushing me. It's not that I am natrually violent, but I was SCARED, 'cause he wouldn't he wouldn't STOP. :)

But enough of that. After they pushed us for a bit, we pushed them, and then they started to do flips off the swings.

I think these would make a fun collage. Please notice the boy's faces in the third picture. The look like it took so much effort. :) It was really fun to watch them do it together Maybe I should try it sometime... and then again, maybe not. :)

Have a wonderful rest of the Sunday people!!


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