Wednesday, August 31, 2011

San Francisco Details

Dear friends,
          Well, Thomas left for the Army on Monday, leaving me a little depressed and missing him even though he’s been gone only for a couple days. It was pretty hard seeing him go, knowing he won’t ever be living here again. I did ok until I hugged him good-by, then nearly lost it!! I did manage to keep the tears from falling!! J

           I guess you are wondering about my San Francisco trip, and I will tell you all about it, but unfortunately I can’t post any pictures yet, ‘cause I am at the house with dial-up, and only 40 minutes to work. J

          Our day in San Francisco started with driving across the bay into the city, ‘cause my Aunt lives right across the bay. That was pretty uneventful, and we managed to make it to the Golden Gate Bridge without getting lost!! Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with the bridge. I was expecting something amazing, I mean, everybody has to go see it when they’re in the city, right?? Whatever, it was just a red, pretty big, bridge. J

          After the bridge, we headed down to Union Square to catch a cable car. Now, if you haven’t rode one of these, let me explain. They have an enclosed area with seats lining the walls, and leather straps overhead so that people can stand in the isle and hold onto them so they don’t fall. Then, in the ‘outdoor’ area, there is the middle section where the driver has the break leavers, and controls, and that is lined by seats. Then, there is a little ‘platform’ about 8 inches wide, on both sides of the cable car, with bars sticking up to the roof every couple of feet, so that people can hold onto the little bars and stand on the little platform on the OUTSIDE of the cable car. So, guess where my aunt wanted to stand?!?!? Have I told you recently about my fear of travel in general?!?!? That was absolutely TERRIFIEING!!!! Anyway, we took the cable car to Lombard Street, supposedly the crookest street in the world. Now, that WAS fun and pretty! It was rather impressive, and bordered by beautiful flowerbeds, and pretty houses. The view of part of the city was very cool  from the top as well.
          From there, we caught another cable, (guess where we ended up on it? lol) and about half-way to our destination, a wonderful young Frenchman and his friend gave up their seats for my aunt and I. I think the fact that she was 6 months pregnant, and I looked terrified finally got to them!!!!! J We ended up at Fisherman’s Warf. That was cool, there were all kinds of shops, and we got to see a couple of really cool old ships, a submarine, the Island that the famous prison (I’ve forgotten its name.) is on, and buy some delicious bread.

          As we were walking along, minding our own business, and stopped for a moment to look in the door of a really interesting store, a man, that looked like a construction worker, suddenly came up right behind me, and yelled into my ear, and then walked quickly, laughing I’m sure!! The awful man did it JUST FOR FUN!! He scared me so bad that I nearly jumped into my surprised aunts arms!! lol

          A bit after that, my aunt and I were headed back to catch a cable car to get back to our car, because it was now late afternoon, and we were, once again minding our own business, eating our bread, and talking about nothing in particular, when we walked by a bush. It looked like a rather ordinary bush, so I paid in no attention, and just as I (who was closest to it) walked past it, it moved and a dreadlocked black man’s face appeared and I believe he kinda yelled something. It scared me so bad that I screamed and I am sure looked terrified!!! It doesn’t sound so bad when I am explaining it, but it was SO scary. The guy wasn’t like a really nice looking black guy either, this guy was SCARY looking!! And, there were a bunch of teenaged guys lining the wall next to the bush, waiting for the next victim, and laughing at each poor girls reaction!! I don’t believe that I stopped shaking all day. I even had to go get a vanilla latte at Starbucks because I was shaking so badly!! (They are rather calming!!J) That ended the fun of the day, and I was just glad to finally get back to the car after a rather alarming cable car ride. (although it was getting kind of fun at the end… J)

          So, despite what you might be thinking, I did have fun that day, but I don’t think I will EVER go back!!!

          I still do, however, want to tour Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, and Dublin. J

Love ya,

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