Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Back from Camp....

And already missing it!!!! It seemed to go WAY to fast!!!!! :)

So… We got back July 28th from Fiddle Camp. I didn’t take any classes, as I play Piano and Flute, not really bluegrass type instruments, but I still had a ton of fun!!!!!!
           Here is what a “normal” day there for me looked like.

8:00 A.M. ~ Get up and start getting dressed (trying to get 10 people dressed in a tiny little camper trailer bathroom, one at a time, can take quite a while!), eat breakfast.

9:00 ~ Thomas, Daniel, David, John, Mary, and Julia head to fiddle and Guitar class, while Mom, Luke, Caleb and I hang out around “camp” (that is, the trailer.), and play some “volleyball” (as much volleyball that you can with a 4 and 2-year-old!)
10:30 ~ start wondering if the clock can’t be behind and that it is surly about time for everybody to get back!! Play more “volleyball.” Check the clock again. Volleyball.  Check the clock. Again. Volleyba…….. :D
11:30 ~ everyone gets back from their classes. We sit around, just hang out, eat lunch, and sit around some more…
1:00 P.M. They leave again, and I am left behind. Mom and the kids (now with Julia back for the afternoon.) lay down for a nap, and I am left to myself for 2 ½ hours. I either watch a movie or read a book with earphones and music. (:D)
3:30 ~ everyone gets back from their classes, and we eat a snack and sit around and talk.
4:00 ~ I head off with either mom or Thomas to a dancing class. (I took a Box Waltzing *not sure what it is called* class with Thomas, and that was SOOOO much fun!!!!  I now LOVE waltzing!!!!!!!)
5:00 ~ Head back to the trailer for dinner and getting ready for the evening.
6:45 ~  walk to the gym.

7:00 ~ get out on the dancing floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were square dancing every night, and had the time of our lives doing so. It was square dancing, circle dancing, Reels, Scottish’s (SP?!?!?) Waltz’s and a few embarrassing ones like the Hooky Poky and the Chicken dance. J 

9:00 ~ dancing ends and we get back to the trailer and start getting ready for bed.

10:30-11:30 (maybe later, I don’t know!! :D)  I get done reading and listening to music and go to bed.

AnD dO iT aLl AgAiN ToMoRrOw!!!!!

I had fun, wish it was longer (!!!!! although I heard one guy put it into perspective very well. He said that tenting it for the week really made you NOT wish it was longer!! :D), and would go back and do it again tomorrow!! lol

There were some “different things in the schedule.” Thomas met some people, and on Thursday they invited him and I to go swimming and play volleyball with them. And that was a ton of fun. In case I haven’t told you guys already, I can’t really play volleyball at all, but despite my efforts to lose I still had a ton of fun!! :D

They asked us to come hang out Friday night for “Arm Wrestling and a Jammin’ session.” NOW THAT WAS INCREDIBLY, AWESOMELY, ENTIRELY, AMAZINGLY, COMPLETELY……………..FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should have filmed the guys getting serious about arm wrestling. They had built a actual table for it and got real serious!!!! Several of them were REALLY strong and took some pride in showing the rest of us how it was really done. At one point one guy stood up and told us all the “secrets” (Which aren’t so secret now) to arm wrestling. It sounded really complicated when you’re serious about it. lol I didn’t do it, but did have a lot of fun watching.  After the arm wrestling we went into the school to jam. Well, everyone else was jamming and I was listening. :D

Andrew and Dad, who had been working all week, came up Thursday evening, and it was fun to be able to dance with Andrew Thursday. :D He can’t do the box waltz, but he sure can do the regular one!!!!

Thomas got invited to do a “advance” square dance performance. It’s where you get taught how to do this crazy hard dance, and then get to preform it twice during the week!!! It was totally cool!!!!!!!!!! took a video of it and will post it when I am at a high-speed internet computer. J
Anyway, I had a lot of fun and will defiantly go back if I can!!!! J

Love to ya’ll,

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