Sunday, July 24, 2011

Completly a Country Gal!!

Hello my poor neglected readers!!!!
I am so sorry I take so long between posts. I did try (really) last week to post a bunch of pictures but for some odd reason, unknown to me, my computer kicked me off and wouldn't post the pictures. :( But I have been going through my pictures and have picked out a bunch to post soon.

But not this next week I am afraid!! Most of my family and I are heading to a Bluegrass Camp later today for the week. I don't play bluegrass, so I get the job of babysitting the kids. :D

Let’s see... Thomas is playing the guitar, and Daniel, David, John, Mary and (I believe) Julia are all going to be playing the fiddle. I did tell you that they all started playing the fiddle a couple months ago, didn't I?!?!? Well, needless to say, whenever they start to practice I run to the  corner of the house that is farthest away from where they are practicing!!!! :) I really ought to record them sometime and post the video just so you all can hear it!! They are trying hard though, and it is cute to see them all screeching and scratching away on them!!!! lol
And Dad and Andrew are staying home. (My poor brother. He is going to be bored out of his mind!!!!!!!!! I feel so sorry for him!)

Ok, so this is a thing that I wrote a little while back on one of those sleepless nights where you just aren’t tired yet.... I kinda liked how it turned out but would love some comments on it!! :)

I’m completely a Country Gal, Thank-you!!!

To be perfectly honest, I suppose I really seem what you would consider a “citified country gal.”
          Living only three miles out of town, with close neighbors all around me wouldn’t make most people consider me a “country gal,” But I beg to differ!! True, I ‘m not particularly fond of lizards and snakes,*shrikes as little brother holds yet another one under my nose*, or getting dirt under my nails workin’ in mom’s garden, (you break a lot of nails that way! Hey, I’m a home-schooled freshman in high school, I don’t like breaking’ nails!! J) I don’t really like to be out mowing the lawn, and I really do hate getting up in the morning, but I am still a country gal, through and through!
           I’ve watches the miracle of little baby goats being born many times, watched calve from the sale die because we just couldn’t save them. I’ve held baby chicks and felt the wind blow through my hair as I gallop the family mare through the field. I’ve been out fishing with my dad, brothers, and grandpa and watched the sunrise. I’ve even been out mudding* with my oldest brother, (and loved it!!) and gone pheasant hunting on a crisp bright January morning with almost all the family.
          If you tried to take me to a city and make me live in it for longer than a day or two, then you’d better be ready for trouble, and a lot of it! When I go to a big city for the day, I tend to gawk in true country kid fashion, and wonder how on earth that many people can live so close together without one of those huge buildings falling on them!! LOL
          No sir, it’s the country life for me. I may have to clean a chicken coop (when my little brothers can’t,) or get up a little earlier than I would like, or maybe break a nail diggin’ a few weeds for mom, but I’d rather that then living in a crowded city with bright lights, lots of noise, and more people than imaginable. Why in my town, there are barely 5000 people and that is counting all the surrounding farmers and all the other “country folk” like me and my family of 12! We don’t even have a Wal-Mart or Starbucks, and the only “entertainment” we have is a pool and skate park, and that is pretty limited for a poor girl like me who would just fall over if you tried to put her on a skateboard.........… But that is quite another subject!! J


  1. I love this post!!! It is soooooo me, even though our little town has 7,000.


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